• How do I start my sentence?
  • Can you give my child some sentence starters?

These are the most common questions that we get asked.

However, this is going to be a little controversial, but I dislike giving sentence starters.


  • They create dependency.
  • They do not teach your child how to come up with their own.
  • They restrict your child’s writing style, so they lack sophistication.

So what can you do?

Because many children do struggle with knowing how to start their sentences, Uplevel Academy have created our own formula to give children confidence in coming up with their own sentence starters, thus enabling them to write in accordance with what examiners are looking for in their exams.

In turn, this will enable them to score high marks, since your child will:

  • Write coherently
  • Answer the question with great insights
  • Write in a sophisticated, academic style

So make sure you watch the video in the blog and learn Uplevel Academy’s exclusive formula on how to come up with sentence starters on your own!