How to annotate a text?

The problem is – you’re never taught!

You annotate in class together, so you follow the guidance of the teacher, but then you are expected to be able to do it independently when reading literary works; or, in an exam with an unknown text.

So what happens?

3 things:

  1. Your child may give up and not bother
  2. Your child highlights and underlines everything
  3. Your child scribbles irrelevant comments
So we did this webinar on ‘How to Annotate for Exam Success!”

What is covered in the video?

In this video, you will learn how to:

  • Dissect questions and annotate them, so that your child knows how to break down questions, and how to use annotation to stay on track when answering questions;
  • Show you how to annotate set texts, so that you are making indepth points and not just feature spotting;
  • Reveal how to annotate unseen texts under exam conditions, so that your child can better make use of their time, thus allowing them to score high marks in all their questions.

What results will this give your child

  • This will give your child the confidence to tackle any exam extract.
  • It will save your child precious time in their exams.
  • And it will help them achieve the highest grades, as they’re able to notice those high-end techniques and features.

So watch the video and remember to subscribe to our channel, so you do not miss out on any English tips, tricks and hacks to help your child succeed in their English studies!